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What is Dedicated Hosting? – Who Should Use It?

As we know Shared Hosting is ideal for small businesses with low traffic. There are limited resources provided with the shared hosting. As your traffic on the website and the complexity increases, your hosting resources will not be sufficient to handle it. In this case, now you need yo upgrade your hosting package to the dedicated hosting. We will explain in detail about dedicated hosting, its pros, and cons.

What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated Hosting is one of the hosting packages where a customer is provided a single dedicated physical server. The hosting company provides the server equipment as well as administration and other services. This plan is suitable for those websites where a larger amount of traffic comes on a website.

In dedicated hosting, a customer or user is given full control over the machine so that he/she can fully manage their settings. Dedicated hosting is one of the highly scalable and customizable hosting options. Users must have the technical knowledge to manage all the resources of the server. Because all the credentials are provided to the clients. But host also provides technical support according to the need and requirements.

How Does Shared Hosting Work?

A single physical server is allocated for a single client (website). You get full control over your server so, you can control configure the bandwidth, CPU usage, and other hardware resources as per your requirement. In case you need any technical support, the hosting provider provides support as well.

Many WordPress hosting providers offer dedicated hosting along with other hosting packages. Shared hosting is ideal for WordPress with a high number of daily traffic.

Dedicated Hosting Diagram

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting

As every hosting package has its own pros and cons, dedicated hosting brings its own advantages and disadvantages.

Dedicated Hosting Advantages

Secured – Dedicated hosting can be secure for you because you have full control of your server. You will have various security measures installed in dedicated hosting.

Can Handle Higher Traffic – Since a single powerful server is fully dedicated to a website, it can handle complex websites with high traffic.

Ideal for Large Business – This is the best packages for large business websites with millions of website traffic. In general, e-commerce websites have a dedicated hosting package.

Scalable – Dedicated hosting is easily scalable, meaning you can scale up the resources as per yous need.

Better Website Performance – You tend to have better website performance in dedicated web hosting. This is another benefit of dedicated web hosting.

Outstanding Support

You get better support in dedicated hosting such as server maintenance, installing upgrades of software/hardware and other supports as needed for optimum performance and uptime.

Dedicated Hosting Disadvantages

Costly – Dedicated hosting is costly as a dedicated physical server is allocated for you. Other expenses include the software packages needed for the server. However, the price depends upon the amount of resources used such as bandwidth, HDD, and  RAM.

Complex to Manage – If you are not technically expert then managing the server might be difficult for you.

When to Use Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting can be expensive fo you so before buying this plan, you need to make sure that you have the following conditions. Dedicated hosting should be your choice in the following cases –

  • You have a complex business website
  • Starting eCommerce business where the sensitive financial transaction happens
  • You have a high number of daily traffic
  • You have technically expert team or you are technically expert
  • You have enough budget allocated

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